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My Story

Every great story (including yours) follows the same character arc called the Hero's Journey. It's about going into the unknown, conquering inner demons, and transforming yourself through trials and failures so you can ultimately teach and help others. 

My Hero's Journey started at a house on a quiet cul-de-sac in the town of Poughkeepsie, NY. On the outside, I was smart, successful, and charming (right mom?). On the inside, I struggled deeply with depression and shame. All I wanted was to escape and be "free" - to be my own person. To me, that meant owning my own business that would give me flexibility over my time. Growing up, I watched how my Dad was consumed by his business and he didn't have the people or systems in place to allow him to get away. A supernatural event took me out of that ordinary world and onto the tropical campus at the University of Miami when the admissions office accepted me without ever applying. 


I spent the next 10 years searching, seeking, trying. I moved to Chicago and at 23 became manager of a team of 10 in a high volume call center. I moved to LA and started 2 businesses - tutoring high school students for the SAT/ACT and EdgUp, a product invention for men's grooming. I worked at a tech startup and lived the "digital nomad" life in Colombia, Europe, Israel, and South Africa. I moved to NYC and helped shape QuallsBenson into a top real estate agency in the city as Operations Director. I was searching for love, searching for my purpose, searching for where I belong in this world.

In all of this seeking, a few things remained constant: 

  • I am drawn to opportunities to help small businesses grow, especially when there are people and process problems I get to solve

  • I get more satisfaction out of the assist than scoring the goal, and

  • I love to learn, experiment, and share


Turns out those are the things I get to do every day as a coach. 

  • Fowler International Academy - Certified Professional Coach

  • Fowler International Academy - Certified Master Business Coach

  • University of Miami BS in Finance and Psychology

  • Director of Operations for a top NYC Advertising Agency

  • Owner and Inventor of EdgUp, a men's grooming company

  • Business Development Executive for a leading SaaS startup

  • Proven track record of taking people and businesses beyond their goals

  • I was once where you are now

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