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Outsourcing FTW: 3 Steps to Get Started

One of the most common things that holds entrepreneurs back from scaling their business and living the lifestyle they want is wearing too many hats and not delegating responsibilities.

Whether it's a lack of trust that other people will get things done, a lack of knowledge on how to hire and manage help, or a lack of awareness that there is a better way, many business owners cling to their tasks and won't let go.

I'm going to show you the process for outsourcing everything from copywriting to bookkeeping to legal work so that you can shift your focus to the things you're better at and free up your time to work on growing the business.

Step 1: Write out the process and provide as much detail as possible

Anytime you are delegating work, if you leave something up to interpretation, it will be interpreted incorrectly. Obviously that's a bit hyperbolic, but you need to make sure that your instructions are as clear and concise as they can be.

You should write out the step by step instructions, provide screenshots, examples, explain common mistakes, explain the reason or "why" the task is being done, and any other relevant information you can add.

Step 2: Find Help

The two best sources for freelancers are Upwork and Fiverr.

As you search for talent, you should be evaluating on a number of areas:

Does this person specialize in the skill I am requiring?

How quickly do they respond?

Do they ask good questions?

Do they have solid reviews/testimonials?

Have they done similar work?

Do you have good rapport?

Step 3: Manage the Process

Until you have established trust and good working relationship, you'll want to evaluate the work product early on to make sure expectations are being met.

In general, the best way to manage people is to make sure they understand the objective and the vision, and give them ownership of the work.

Do not be afraid to express your opinion or correct course, and if things are not going well at all, to fire.

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